Only NGC and IC objects

Here are files that list only the NGC and IC objects. Superposed and nearby stars, companions, included knots, and almost all the other miscellaneous stuff has been removed.

The only exceptions are objects without firm identifications. Those have positions from original 18th or 19th century sources flagged "nominal" following the NGC/IC number on the first line, followed by candidate objects -- on as many lines as necessary -- with modern positions. Objects with no candidates have a single "nominal" entry. The candidate objects carry uncertainty symbols in this order: ":", "::", "?", "??", and "???" signifying increasing uncertainty in the identification with the NGC or IC object.

Here are the statistics for the missing objects.

There is a lot of "by hand" work in these files. In particular, I removed many of the extraneous objects by hand, I entered the notation "nominal" by hand, as well as many of the types and miscellaneous data. I did all this with constant reference to the original "ngcpos.all" and "icpos.all" files, as well as the Notes files -- but bugs and blunders are likely. I believe that all the NGC and IC objects have entries in the files, but it is just possible that some are still missing. You've been cautioned!

Please let me know about any problems you find. Thanks!

Latest update, this file: 17 August 2021