Southern Galaxy Catalogue

by Harold G. Corwin, Jr., Antoinette de Vaucouleurs, and Gerard de Vaucouleurs

This subdirectory contains Version 1.2 of the Southern Galaxy Catalogue. SGC 2.0 (with updated positions, position angles, magnitudes, and redshifts) is the currently preferred version. The older Version 1.2 is retained here for reference. See the file sgcdoc.txt for details about the catalogue contents. The file sgc12.xmp is a short file showing the data formatting.

All the data are in the file sgc12.txt, as well as in three smaller files more suitable for downloading with slow connections:

All of these are 7-bit ASCII files with UNIX line endings.

The file is a PKZIP archive of MS-DOS format versions of the data.

Download whichever is easiest for you to handle. Aside from the compression technique, and the line endings, the two sets of files and their data are identical.

All known errors in these files have been corrected. See the bugs.sgc file for details. You are welcomed to use the SGC in any way you like (and you may correct any mistakes!), but please do acknowledge its origin.

Latest update: 26 Nov 2019.